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Let Simply Grand Events plan your unique

Flying Dress Experience

The Flying Dress Experience

A photo shoot experience like no other. The session will last approximately one hour and includes the flying dress, professional photographer, dress stylist, beautiful location and ten professionally edited photos. To further enhance your Flying Dress Experience, hair and makeup is available as an add on.  

What to Expect

Expect to have an amazing experience!  This unique photoshoot includes the flying dress, professional photographer, dress stylist, jaw dropping location and ten professionally edited photos.  The session will take about an hour and will be so much fun, you'll want to do it again which we totally recommend! Fee for each session starts at $525.                                    

May we suggest one of these gorgeous locations for your photoshoot?

  • Fort Monroe Beach

  • The Lions Bridge in Newport News

  • Surrender Field in Yorktown

  • The Pagoda in Norfolk

  • Ravens Roost Overlook


How does the dress fly?

Sometimes the wind cooperates, the sun, stars and galaxy align just right causing the dress to fly on its own; but most times there's an energetic dress stylist tossing the dress and disappearing out of the frame.  Either way, your images come out looking amazing!

Flying Dress Photographers 

When I mentioned the idea of the Flying Dress to Joy, she said "yes" immediately! She was so excited to team up with Simply Grand Events on this endeavor.  When two creative, adventurous  entrepreneurs team up, something amazing is bound to happen!  Click the link below to read more about Joy!

Hampton VA photographer for women, birth.jpg

Donna, owner of Donne Avan Photography was equally excited when I asked her if she would be interested in a Flying Dress collaboration! One of Donna's specialties is women's portraits and when I tell you she is good at what she does, believe it! She is passionate, energetic and I have her number on speed-dial! Check her out on Instagram @donneavanphotography

DSC_1951 NEW.jpg.webp


Q: Can I wear a bra for my photoshoot?

A: You can, but to have the most dress styling options, I suggest wearing boob tape instead.

Q: How do I book a photoshoot? 

A:  Call 1-757-344-9091 to get started!

Q: Where do the photoshoots take place?

A: The photographers and I have scoped out a few amazing locations in the Hampton Roads Area, but we are open to suggestions if you have a spot in mind.

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